What I really like the most about the service is the personalize attention receives, working with activities related to the goals that are set for , being respectful with his time, his improvement, his likes and moods. Also, I like the she is up to date about him and his development in general that has. Teacher knows about his immunizations, his appointments with specialists, other therapies that he receives, etc. This enriches a lot the attention. I believe it makes a difference for to have better opportunities in life. “
Diana, Oct. 2013

I want to thank each and every one of the people who make this program available, it is very helpful for us and for our children. I am very happy and grateful especially with the teacher . She is great and people like her make it possible that we can learn and realize what our children are capable of doing and sometimes we do not think they can. I hope this program lasts a very long time so it continues to help the ones in need, thanks for all your support and God bless you always.
Alma, Oct. 2013

“beginnings has provided support and guidance to both my son and myself. It is so nice to have a knowledgeable professional, who is patient and kind, spending time with us each week. I am so grateful!”
Cori, Oct. 2013

was a memorable teacher! Her knowledge with personality and talents to teach are to be recommended by me to anyone’s child. Thank you so much for being a part of development, he and I don’t have enough words to thank you!”
Jones, Oct. 2013