Our Services

corazon-with-strokebeginnings’ Infant Program provides early intervention services to families and children up to 3 years of age. We operate throughout the San Diego county, and focus on helping families to achieve their childhood development goals. Our approach is based on:

  •  Initial evaluations using the curriculum based assessment Hawaii Early Learning Profile (HELP), parent report, and interventionist observations
  •  Individualized monthly objectives in all areas of development:  cognitive, language, social-emotional, self-help, gross and fine motor skills
  • Collaboration with Service Coordinators and other Professionals to create an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP)

We also assist families in accessing services provided by San Diego Regional Center and other professionals, and connecting to community resources

2013-07-26-12.58.55Home Visits
We come to your home and and work with you and your child. We bring the toys and enthusiasm – you bring your interest and dedication. Each visit lasts 60 minutes, and every 6 months we provide you with a progress report.

Baby Massage
We encourage parents to have fun with infant massage. It is proven to assist with  bonding and has other therapeutic benefits.  All staff are trained in infant massage – we demonstrate using a doll, while parents perform massage on their own child.

Baby & Me
Group sessions where parents and children play together with one of our professional staff. Sessions last for about 1.5 hours. Parents can socialize with each other and share experiences. 2013-07-26-13.01.25
Children are mixing with different age groups, development levels and cultures. Examples of activities are cutting, pasting, circle time, and sensory activities. The main goal is to have fun in a group context.

Parent Support Group
Parents share experiences and become informed on issues that they nominate, while children are having fun in the next room. Topics are wide ranging, including  immigration, Social Security income, medical and legal issues, rental housing rights, and domestic violence.

Annual Picnic
Every year we get everyone together to have fun in the sun.